New Label Features

One of the foremost questions on the mind of everyone who receives their graded cards back is ‘Why did my card get this grade?’ It’s a reasonable questions considering that just a single grade score can have a huge impact on the value of your card. Many grading companies define their grading scale with a description of each score, but theses definitions are vague and open to subjective interpretation.

DSG Grade Report

Diamond Service Grading introduces complete transparency to the grading process that has historically been shrouded by a veil of mystery. Every card that is graded by DSG comes with a completely detailed proprietary grading report (Patent Pending). The report is accessible by scanning the QR Code on the rear label of your encapsulation. A highly detailed HD image of both the front and back of you card appears with a detailed account of all the flaws and damage marked in each of the designated 8 zones (4 front zones, 4 back zones).
Use your cell phone camera to scan the QR code on one of our encapsulations below to demonstrate the DSG Grade Report.