Our Story

At Diamond Service Grading, our core focus is to provide you with a grading experience that is fast, precise, and transparent.

In 2020, a group of passionate collectors came together to establish DSG, driven by their commitment to deliver the quality they personally desired. We take great pride in upholding rigorous standards for our encapsulations. Additionally, we introduced an innovative grade report that’s user-friendly and applicable to all cards, making it simple to comprehend.

DSG Roadmap


We aim to elevate the collector experience by setting the industry standard for transparency and trust. We are committed to revolutionizing the card grading process, ensuring that every collector, investor, enthusiast receives an unparalleled level of transparency and confidence in the authenticity and condition of their cherished collectibles.


We envision a future where transparency is the foundation of the collectible card industry. Our vision is to lead this transformation by harnessing cutting-edge technology and industry expertise. We see a world where every card collector can confidently invest in, display, and enjoy their collections, knowing that our commitment to transparency ensures the authenticity and quality of their cards. Through continuous innovation and a dedication to integrity, we will shape the future of card collecting and empower enthusiasts to pursue their passion with unwavering trust.


Our primary focus is to provide collectors with unparalleled transparency, accuracy, and trust in the grading and authentication of collectible cards. We are dedicated to leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise to ensure that every card entrusted to us is rigorously assessed, consistently graded, and thoroughly documented. Our commitment revolves around the core principles of transparency, integrity, and collector empowerment, as we strive to revolutionize the card grading industry and elevate the collector experience to new heights.

Meet the Founder & CEO

First I would like to thank you for all the amazing support we have and are receiving in our effort to make your collecting and investing experience the best it can be. Our number one goal is to give you a grading experience that is Fast, Accurate, and Transparent.

We proudly have the best encapsulation in the industry. It is a crystal clear, UV-protected, acid-free, archival-safe, polycarbonate encapsulation that will prevent fading and protect your card. With its patented design, it is also airtight and watertight to further protect your collectible.

Our expert grading staff has over 30 years of grading and collecting experience. We are counterfeit-detecting experts so you can always know if it is in a Diamond Service Grading encapsulation, your card is 100% authentic and graded accurately. We are collectors too and love our collections so we understand your love of your collection. I have my best cards graded so I know they are protected for the future and my heirs that inherit my collection will know they have value.

Our team has years of experience on the retail side as well and understands the hobby does not exist without all the amazing dealers that have shops, sell online, and do shows so you can greater enjoy your hobby. We are here for you also. Most importantly, if you have suggestions to make us even better, we welcome your input to make us your first choice for grading.
Have a wonderful day and have fun collecting.

Michael Joseph Clarke
Pres. Diamond Service Grading