Proprietary Grading Software

Diamond Service Grading provides top-tier grading and encapsulation services for sports, gaming, and collector cards, with innovative features poised to transform the card grading industry. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that every collector, regardless of size, receives equal respect and exceptional service, countering preferential treatment often seen in the industry.

Our Grade Report

Our encapsulations feature a QR Code on the back that is unique to your graded card. Scan the code with your smartphone and a DSG Grade Report (patent pending) will appear! The grade report includes images of both the front and back of your card, along with a detailed report that shows exactly where the flaws and damage are located and their degree. This gives transparency to the grading process that has up until now, been shrouded and highly subjective. You are able to view exactly how the card has been assessed and why it received its grade!

Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR Code on the image below to try out our Grade Report.

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