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Diamond Service Grading

We are thrilled to introduce Diamond Service Grading’s Dealer Program, your trusted partner in elevating the trading card marketplace. Our mission is simple: to provide an unmatched grading service that emphasizes quality, fast turnaround times, and transparency. 

As a leading authority in card grading, we specialize in providing unparalleled expertise and precision in assessing the condition and authenticity of your cards. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, ensuring that every card graded by us receives the utmost attention to detail, accuracy, and transparency in grading.

By choosing Diamond Service Grading, you not only enhance the value and credibility of your cards, but also offer your customers the assurance of a reputable and recognized grading standard. Join us in shaping the future of the trading card industry, where quality and trust converge for the benefit of sellers, dealers, and collectors alike.

Dealer Success

At Diamond Service Grading, we recognize that dealer success hinges on two critical pillars: competitive submission prices and swift turnaround times. Our pricing structure is designed to be not only competitive but also transparent, ensuring that you receive the best value for your submissions. Moreover, we take pride in our streamlined processes, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team to guarantee one of the fastest turnaround times possible while still maintaining our high level of grading standards. By choosing Diamond Service Grading, dealers can confidently navigate the competitive market, with a cost-effectiveness and expeditious service. We are not just a grading company; we are your ally in achieving success in the dynamic world of card trading.

Faster Turnaround Times

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About the Program -
Pricing, Speed, & Transparency

Dealer Pricing

Our goal is to reward and incentivize dealers for their commitment and loyalty, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the grading company and the dealers. Our dealer discount tier structure is specifically crafted to help dealers get the best submission prices. As you submit larger numbers of cards for grading, you will qualify for better discounts.

Turnaround Time

We are proud to introduce our priority turnaround service exclusively for our dealers. While our standard turnaround time stands at a competitive 30 days, our priority turnaround ensures that your orders receive priority status, guaranteeing a faster and expedited grading process. Your commitment to us deserves a swift and efficient service.

Features & Benefits

  • Competitive pricing for dealers
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Digital Grade Report for every card accessible by QR code
  • Polycarbonate encapsulation, 25x stronger than industry standards
  • Priority customer support
  • Events and networking

Success in the Market


As one of the largest and most established online marketplaces, eBay offers us a broad reach to connect with a diverse audience of collectors and buyers worldwide. Our dealers have sold thousands of cards on eBay and currently, there are thousands more listed for sale.

Our presence on Courtyard reflects our commitment to providing collectors with a specialized and curated space for graded trading card transactions. Courtyard’s emphasis on creating a community-driven marketplace aligns with our vision of fostering a unique and engaging experience for collectors. Through this platform, we aim to connect with enthusiasts who appreciate the value of well-graded cards and seek a platform tailored to their specific interests.

Growth Strategies

Customer Engagement: Building strong relationships with our customers is a priority. We actively engage with buyers through these platforms, responding to inquiries promptly and providing additional information to enhance their buying experience.

Marketplace Trends Analysis: To stay ahead of the curve, we closely monitor marketplace trends on several different platforms. This allows us to adapt our offerings based on popular demand, ensuring that our services align with current collector interests.

Collaborations and Promotions: Exploring collaborations within these platforms and running targeted promotions helps us increase our visibility. By participating in promotions and events, we enhance our brand exposure and attract new customers.

Continuous Improvement: Regularly gathering feedback from buyers in the industry enables us to identify areas for improvement. Whether it’s refining our grading scale or streamlining the purchasing process, we are committed to evolving based on customer input.

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